Our Philosophy

It is the right of every child and adult to have access to hygienic food. Food produced under the proper conditions can only maintain its hygienic structure if packaged appropriately.

We, as Üstün Plastik, produce packaging that enables food to be transported while maintaining its hygienic structure. Helping people access hygienic food products is the greatest motivation in our work.

We are responsible for our customers, our employees, the community we live in and the environment as a company.

We try to provide our customers with products at the highest quality standards in the most affordable form. We believe that any industrial approach that is not combined with art is deficient. This is why we put our heart in everything we do. With our vast years of experience we know that the real owners of a

company are its customers. We provide long term sustainable solutions with this awareness in mind.

Our employees are our greatest and inimitable brand value. Our company considers the interests of its employees and their families in every decision that is made. We, as Üstün Plastik are one big family and we feel this is necessary in a family.

The community we are in and the environment we will be leaving to our children are two issues we are very sensitive about. We try to support every kind of activity that will help the community move forward and we contribute to social responsibility activities through various non-governmental associations.

We conduct our commercial activities with a high awareness for the environment. We place importance on R&D work to reduce waste.

As we have in the past, we will continue to work with an approach not just to gain profit, but also to be beneficial to mankind.